Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Long Time no Here

Westminster Council  are putting up all sorts of resistance as to why I can't have the information requested in a Freedom of Information Request about  lying  social workers, Farrah Nasir and Paul Anderson and why they funded my mother's legal bills, to the tune of £60 000. I asked to see their qualifications and confirmation that both were legally working in the UK. I am told this information falls under an exclusion. Well it doesn't actually because these imbeciles made  decisions and told lies in Section 7 Reports that could have resulted in my losing my chidlren. Forever. And I want to see what  qualifications they have to be able to make those decisions. And we know how "lapsed" the last administration was about checking on the employability status of  its flunkies. Remember Baroness Scotland?

So now, an internal review about my request for information, which they'll have to cough up eventually.

The other  Freedom of Information request  which asked for the following:

All costs pertaining to public money being used to fund a non-resident, non UK citizen' grandmother's legal expenses in vexatious litigation in the Family Court, London, case
Farah Dan v Zarin Damji

All money paid or owing to Fisher Meredith (grandmother's solicitors)  in this action

Written basis of decsion to fund this application though Westminster is not and has never been a party in these proceedings

Billed, unpaid and anticipated invoices due to Fisher Meredith on behalf of the grandmother
On what legal decision and precedent Westminster City Council decided to fund this defence which has no merit as the grandmother is currently being investigated for murdering her husband, is 71 years old and has a serious heart condition, none of which have been diclosed to Westminster, nor in turn to the Family Court through Creightons Westminster's solicitors or Fisher Meredith

Westminster City Council's response is

I can inform you that the financial information you have requested is not held by Wesminster City Council, but by Creighton and Partners.  Creightons are contracted to provide legal representation for the Council and, under this arrangement, they hold and manage all case-specific information.  For the purposes of section 1 (4) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 this information is not held and we are therefore unable to provide it.

Any information held by Westminster City Council relating to decisions taken with regard to a case would make reference to specific individuals.  It is considered that disclosure of this information would breach Principle 1 of the Data Protection Act 1998 (Fair and Lawful Processing).  This is because it would be unfair to those people identified in the information who have no expectation that their personal data would be made public.

For this reason it is considered that the information is exempt from disclosure under Section 40 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Personal Information. This is an absolute exemption and not subject to a public interest test.

This letter therefore acts as a refusal notice in accordance with Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in respect of the above. You have the right of appeal against the decision.  If you wish to appeal please set out in writing your grounds of appeal and send to the address at the top of this letter.

Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome of any such complaint you have the right to make a complaint  you have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner, pursuant to section 50 of the FOIA.  

Complaint gone to the Information Commissioner today and also to Frank Dobson, my new MP who is also investigating why Westminster ( read public funds) paid all my mother's legal fees when she claims in her last statement to the court that she was loaded, had millions of pounds and South African Rands in accounts all over the world and  was solvent. 

Essentially, if I hdn't blogged about it and kicked up an unholy fuss, in order to get it in front of a Family Court judge, again,  I  would have lost my children. I didn't. I got a miracle result and  I dared  to say  "no, actually you will not behave in that way, you will do your job and what you tasked to do by the court, you will not tell lies and get away with it."  But if I had left it to the gormless lying, worthless social workers , hideous blood-sucking barristers, solicitors such as Claire Thorpe, and the idiotic crank from Children and Families Across Borders, a fake charity formerly known as ISS ( International Social Services) I would have been one of the figures, a mere pawn in the  system, another woman who had been further criminalized and excluded.  And lost her children to the state. Or worse, her own mother.

CFAB "charity" wrote to me recently threatening me with legal action if I didn't stop saying that the caseworker allocated to my family was a paedophile. There, I said it again. Marek Ganther who works for Children and Families across Borders made highly inappropriate and damaging remarks to my son, who was only 12 at the time, encouraging him to run away from home and  he made suggestions of a sexual nature. Now sue me and let the truth come out about what a shamless, baseless disgusting "charity" this is.

This ain't over. Not by a long shot.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Two can play...

Back for the Final Hearing this morning in Family Court when a Judge gets to deide whether my children return to live in London. However, we have been given NONE of the additional evidence and so this matter is not ready to go to trial. How can a Judge decide when information he has ordered, to enable him to make the best possible decision for my children's future,  is not in front of him? I offered to take this blog down  when the matter came befor HHJ DJ Crowther because she ordered Westminster Social Services to provide a lot of additional evidence concerning my mother's psychological state, her medical records, her financial stability and an updated report on my children. She also ordered a new Section 7 Report by an Independent Social Worker and another meeting with Paul Anderson, the idiot, unqualified non-social worker from Westminster.

He tried to make this meeting impossible, by stating he would not go to the offices of Women in Prison, in Angel, he could only meet at his office on a certain day because he was busy , attending out of office apppointments for the rest of the day . Further enquiries confirmed he had no other appointments at all and finally he agreed to meet at 8 am, at my solicitors' offices. he was late, bored and very distracted. He refused to take notes, he said he was not going to provide a new report, in spite of having been ordered to do so by the court. The parenting counsellor who attended the meeting with me was quite shocked by how appalling his attitude was and noted, "he really didn't want to be there."
Another bogus "charity" Children and Family Across Borders previously known as International Social Services  have failed to provide an update on my children's health and general states of mind because, according to the social worker appointed to deal with my family's matter, a completely useless and inefficient individual, Marek gather, who has made very distressing comments bordering on paedophilia to my 13 year old son, it has been impossible to reach any one in South Africa because of the World Cup. Which ended months ago.

Westminster City Council were ordered to provide this additional evidence, it hasn't been forthcoming in spite of endless calls and letters from my legal team. I volunteered to take this blog down because I thought they would comply, they didn't, so this is back up again. wo can play and once again, the private has become public and very very personal.

Perhaps the most worrying in all of this, which is a PRIVATE Family matter is why Westminster are paying  not only their own legal fees to Creightons' to represent their Social Services in this matter, but also the exorbitant legal fees of second rate law firm Fisher  Meredith  , acting for my mother, who is 71, ill from recent heart operations and psychologically very damaged. My father refused to pay because he wanted the children to stay in London, with me. There is an ongoing investigation into how my father  died earlier this year and she has no money as his will is still tied up in probate pending the outcome of the South African Police's criminal investigation. She is unable to pay any of her bills and has recently borrowed money from my brother Salim Damji. Westminster have no standing in this matter, I went to them when my son was behaving erratically and kept on running away from home. I  asked for help which in hindsight was the worst thing I could have done, all they have tried to do is tear my family apart, firstly by coercing my mother into keeping the children and giving her no option as they threatened to start fostering proceedings and then by lying in various reports they were obliged to make.

Please take a minute and fill out a  Freedom  of Infiormation Request to Westminster Council asking  on what grounds taxpayers' money is being wasted o pay for a 71 year old, infirm  woman's legal bills when she  would not qualify for legal aid if she were living in the UK and has no standing in the law to try and take my children away.

My suggested wording ( copiled by a friend at the Guardian who does these routinely) is

Request Details:

(1) All correspondence (email or otherwise) relating to the decision(s) in or about January 2010  by Westminster Council's Social Services Department to fund and pursue in the Family Court, London, a Defence to the action Farah Dan v Zarin Damji, including but not limited to written documents relating
to the administrative and legal basis used the Council to justify the funding of the defence of this action on behalf of Zarin Damji.

(2) Details of all payments made by Westminster Council to Zarin Damji's legal representatives in this action, Fisher Meredith, from that date to present, and

(3) Details of any other payments made and/or owed by Westminster Council in connection with the above action from that date to present.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Westminster City Council's attempt to have this website removed  was unsuccessful yesterday.

The matter came before  Her Honour Deputy District Judge Crowther who dealt with all the issues as to why it had come about in the first place and swiftly  ordered full medical reports on Mommy Dearest,  an assessement of her indebtedness and liabilities, the security of the family home in Cape Town, futher reports on the children, a further meeting with Westminster's Social Services. The solicitor from Creightons lied about this and claimed they had always been willing to meet with me but of course they had declined the meeting with me suggested by Women in Prison.

Most importantly, the Judge assigned an independent social worker to assess my current situation.

I volunteered to take down the posts about the children and the proceedings at least until the final hearing next month, without being  ordered to do so and because the blogs have achieved whatever they set out to accomplish was that this matter be brought back in front of a Judge and heard properly with full directions given.

It has't been easy, but it's done now and all that's left is to say thank you to the friends and the strangers  who've come forth publically and privately and offered help, support and love. Of course it isn't over yet but it's back on an even playing field.

What this has taught me, in the words of my favorite old Libertarian is that

 "People shouldn't fear the consequences of standing up to be counted when an issue moves them. They should be proud to do so."

And that is a good lesson to learn.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Claire Thorpe, Westminster City Council's lying solicitor

I  complained about Claire Thorpe, solicitor from  Creightons  to the Legal  Complaints Service Who conveniently "lost" my complaint but finally passed it onto the Solicitors'  Regulatory  Authority. But it's fine for solicitors to lie, as long as courts don't notice. We live in interesting times.


Private and Confidential

From: "Alex Sutherland" <Alex.Sutherland@sra.org.uk>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 12:10:24 +0100 
By e-mail to: farah.damji@XXXXX.com

2 August 2010

Dear Ms Damji

Professional Conduct
Report about Ms Thorpe

I refer to your correspondence with the Legal Complaints Service.  This matter has been referred to me for consideration.

As I understand it, Ms Thorpe acts for the local authority in respect of issues concerning your children.  You allege that Ms Thorpehas lied to the court in respect of the matter on several occasions.

I have now considered the correspondence and have decided to take no further action.  The file is now closed.  This may come as a disappointment to you and so I shall seek to explain the reasons for my decision.  
In order to pursue allegations that concern the integrity of a solicitor we require evidence to a high standard of proof to substantiate them.  It is clear from the information provided that Ms Thorpe has simply been acting on information provided to her by another member of the council team.  Ms Thorpe is not obliged to test the truthfulness of that information.  If you have concerns that the court has been misled, then you will need to raise those issues directly with the court.  Unless the court adversely criticises the conduct of Ms Thorpe and refers the matter to us, we will not take the matter further.
Although we are not taking any action, all the information we receive as a regulator is useful.  I enclose an information sheet which explains the work of the Conduct Investigation Unit. 


Yours sincerely

Alex Sutherland

Conduct Investigations Unit


Briefly, my complaint was to do with Ms Thorpe's lies and misrepresentations to the Court. I had been promised that   Farrah Nasir  would not be completing any court reports given the level of complaint that I had raised against her. This was brought up by my barrister the fragrant Liz Woodcraft  and Paul Anderson (second social worker)  leaned over from where he was sitting behind Ms Thorpe and said that Melanie Goode, who had given me those assurances was not authorised to, in fact she only worked in the complaints department as an admin clerk.  That is another lie, she is Farrah Nasir's manager's manager. They all work in the same department, there is no way that Paul Andersen could not have know this. In any event, this position tat she would not be working with my family or preparing any further reports was confirmed by Farrah herself in writing.

Basically, the SRA, which is the body that  is meant to regulate solicitors' actions and conduct agrees that Claire Thorpe has lied and misrepresented information to the court but that's fine because the court didn't realise. The social worker, Paul Andersen told me that funding was in place to place my youngest child with my mother's sister in February temporarily while my appeal went through and I was stuck in Holloway. In court, he lied and said no funding was available. Ms Thorpe should have checked before she made any such representations to the  court as she knew the case was contentious and everything that Westminster Social Services says is basically spun or a lie. Even the judge in the Family Court proceedings that dauy accused Westminster Social Services of "elegant blackmail"  when he had sight of a letter they tried to force me to sign, without legal representation or advice when these two self-serving lying social workers came to see me there, right after I was remanded.

This matter has been listed for a hearing on Wednesday August 18th at the Principal Registry in Holborn because it is supposedly causing my eldest child a great deal of distress and the Local Authority, who have no standing in these proceedings are seeking  directions. What they want is for me to be ordered to take this blog down. I'll tell you what is causing him more distress, is being in the same household as his grandmother who lets him play unregulated on the internet 24 / 7 who doesn't meet any of his emotional needs and who murdered his beloved grandfather. Why does a 13 year old child have four Facebook profiles? What level of supervision is he under? How is his therapy going and what of Darling Mother's medical reports? My solicitors have repeatedly requested this information from her solicitors (which you dear reader are paying for) but these requests have been ignored.

Needless to say I have escalated this complaint against the lying Ms Thorpe  to the Legal Services  Ombudsman because the  decision that it's all right for Family Court Practitioners to lie to the Court  as long as they are not found out makes about as much sense as a papier mache Trident Defence System. Let's pretend to be all scary when in fact it's harmless and toothless and ineffective. .  

It's not Simon Singh but I am a writer,  they couldn't  possibly have  expected me to take this sitting down.  This is what I do, when I feel something is being dealt with unfairly and maliciously. Nothing up here is untrue and I am a mother at the end of the day, I could never do anything to hurt my children. These allegations that the blog identified and causes distress to my boy is an inelegant attempt to try and stifle my freedom of speech and to say what is going on in these proceedings.  I wrote a book, the children are already  known in the public domain, this isn't an attempt to exploit them but a serious effort to expose what social workers and councils will do and to what lengths they will go to steal children from mothers. The state is committed to taking 25 000 children away from their natural mothers a year in order to prop up the  sick and twisted system we maintain. I'll fight to my last breath, scratching and clawing and writing. 

Think again if you think I'm going to let mine go, wit the ease with which  the seasons slip into each other.

I moved recently and I've sat and cried in my daughter's  new room when I look at the toys she bought with her scrimped and saved pocket money that she didn't even play with. They're still boxfresh.   She had to leave everything behind, yet again, including her favourite Cat in the Hat toy my father bought her and this raggedy white puppy toy she can't sleep without. I've held the silk of the Monsoon fairy dresses to my face  and breathed her into me so I can  hold onto a piece of her that remains with me, no matter how many miles or stupid, lying reports separate us. I look at old framed pictures of my beautiful bright boy from when he was ten years old, his gap-toothed smile and shining dark eyes, exactly like mine and I can't stop the tears for all the time we've lost and the heartache I have caused but which I want to mend now. 

Do you know what they said? These inexperienced social workers who have no kids and couldn't possibly know what this feels like?
"It's too late. You have no relationship with him any more."

I asked them for help, I might as well have signed my own death warrant and that of my two gorgeous  children.  This is about THEM, not my children. My complaint against them has gone to Stage 2 and I expect the outcome of that any day now. They are not interested in the truth at all. After I refused to meet Social Services, my Parenting Counsellor from  Women in Prison persuaded me to agree to a meeting with them. They refused to come and so now, the Court will have no knowledge of my situation, circumstances or  frame of mind, other than what I tell it.

So here it is. My words are all I have. 

Not enough people challenge the system, especially random and loose decisions made by Social Services. Of course this has forced this all into court now and back into the forum where it should have been examined properly in the first place in any event.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mother Love

“Never let's me be

Mother love

Took my life away

Mother love

Hate me every day

Mother love”
~ Mother Love by Leon Agnew

Mother’s Day. I considered sending a funeral wreath of roses the colour of dried blood with a hand written note to mourn the mother I never had, “Oh shame, you are still alive”. I didn’t. I couldn’t be bothered to find a florist and make the arrangements.

I don’t speak to you. I don’t even call you mother. We communicate through solicitors, sometimes you send an e mail but I don’t read them, Google mail has a clever mother-spam filter so unwanted missives are trashed. Without reading. You, mother are toxic, a slow painful death, like lead poisoning. You are the child of a large family, one of thirteen kids to an army father. As cold as ice and as fake as a three dollar bill. Now that my father is dead, there’s no sieve to hold back and not express for the feelings I have for you. As arrogant and impermeable as he was, we at least loved each other. At the end, I believe he knew what his failings had been and he tried to make amends for them. Not you, for you are never wrong.

It’s not even hate, which would be too important. I feel sorry for you, I can’t stand a martyr and that’s what you are, over and over again, as you nailed herself to the cross of my father’s infidelity. I thought it was in my head but recently someone sent me e mails and messages between you. He really despised you, pitied you, wanted youout of his life. You were like a vice on him. Time and time again, you would take him back and then make our lives miserable because you didn’t have the guts or the courage to leave him and you liked the fancy things he bought you, out of guilt or spite, I don’t know which. I remember one offering in particular, a two-inch wide bangle made of solid platinum studded with diamonds. It was shockingly decadent and understated pure luxury as an afterthought. There are women who do this professionally for money, they have more self respect than you, a street hooker deserves more admiration than you, what did you ever do that was right that makes you the moral arbiter of my actions and judgments and relationships?

But yours is the spirituality of self-harm. Any self-respecting woman would have thrown it at him and taken him to the cleaners. You would have deserved half of what he had, you had suffered an unquantifiable amount in humiliation and degradation. Everyone knew my father was a philanderer, he made no secret of it. You didn’t like the bangle, you said. But you didn’t give it back. It was your prize to bear or your cilice. So now you sit, pretending to mourn on his grave, empty and barren and unloved by two of your three children, my sister only soft soaps her because she gets money from Mummy Dearest.

I learned all the worst about being a woman that there is from you. About rage, violence, jealousy and that love is a vice with padlocks and chains that you use to bind people to you. I learned that sex was something shameful and not to be discussed and I learned to mistreat and hate men.

I had to unlearn everything I believed about love and relationships to learn about becoming a mother myself. And every day I fail a little more but that’s part of the process, that heart-in-your-mouth moment when you want to hold on or reach out so they don’t fall but you let them anyway. And then – there you are, to kiss the bruise better or to explain that best friends can have bad moods too. You were none of that in my life. My father wasn’t an easy man but he lived his life the way he wanted to. He should have left you decades ars ago and then he might have had a chance at a shred of happiness away from you, late in his own life but God knows he left the door wide open for you to leave.

Mother love isn’t about shaping your children and contorting their souls and twisting them up psychically in painful body-locks. Love isn’t a narcissist’s need to be reflected in the eyes of your children’s adoration, that doesn’t last forever or even for very long. I've learned the long hard way that love is about letting go but still being there, it’s a soft handshake not a fastened grip. Love at its best is worn loose and free, like a beautiful, classic silk shirt, with attention to the tiniest detail. It moves with the seasons, it shifts with you as you need it to, when you move, it isn’t cloying and needy.

So Mother, most undear, I wish you nothing on Mother’s Day. I wish it was you and not him that had died though, because he died leaving the world a better place and in peace with his children. What greater pain can there be than the abrogation of affection by your own child?

And now the ultimate delusion, that you can be a great grandma and rewrite your own crimes, sadly life doesn’t hand out the big prizes to people as damaged and crippled as you are, and karma’s a bitch baby.

Only one thing worse perhaps, my indifference.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Making it fucking personal

Westminster council in the shape of Westminster Stasi sorry Social Services, more particularly in the body of Farrah Nasir and Paul Anderson, both Social Workers with the council, are of the opinion that my children, aged 8, a girl and 13, a boy, are better off in the care of my 71 year old mother in South Africa. Both children are British Citizens, both are half white and look, quite honestly, completely European. The High Court in this country confirmed its jurisdiction over the case last summer. I am an easy target, convicted felon, trailing clouds of controversy, what chance of reforming "London's Most Dangerous Woman," then?

Farrah Nasir is a bit of a psycho. Why else would she contact my publisher for a signed copy of my book, I was meant to be just another case for her, not a pseudo-celebrity she could get kudos by challenging and trying to break. My book is easily available on Amazon, local bookstores etc. She denied ever asking for a signed copy till my publisher produced the order. Farrah Nasir, Victoria Street Westminster City Hall. Then she suddenly remembered ordering it, at the request of my other family members. Still doesn't make sense to me. Short, nervous, she kept asking my daughter very open ended questions which she refused to answer to the point that she just wouldn't see her alone anymore. I was "not allowed" to record their meetings but as they were taking place in my flat, and I had already forewarned her that I would be recording everything as I didn't trust her, I have these videos and will be posing them shortly. So, a devout Muslim woman enters my household (and remember that I called Westminster Social Services because I needed help with my son, who has been very damaged by the extended separation and because of my long custodial sentence in 2005) under false pretences, she didn't want to know how she could help us, she wanted to separate me from them and get them off her caseload. Another very odd point, she has lied consistently in the Section 7 Report she has prepared for the court, although she assured me she was not writing it and claimed I told my son to go ahead and kill myself. Twice. Then once, when her colleague Michelle from the Marylands Centre in Westbourne Park refused to back up her lies. Marylands were the chosen "counseling service" although all she wanted to do was give my son a list of numbers such as Childline, that he should call if he felt like running away again. How does this help the core issue my family was facing which was a crisis and needed an intervention? It didn't. She has lied and lied and twisted facts and things I said to produce a very damning report which I received just after my father died in February and which I have still refused to look at. What could a Muslim woman possibly make of me and my life, which has been described as "unlike any other immigrant experience". Her colleague, appointed after I refused to see her anymore, no better, black , Canadian, homosexual. Started grilling me about my criminal convictions in front of my daughter while she was trying to have her lunch and booked an appointment for my son, who claimed I had hit him and he had (self inflicted wounds) on a day I had booked tickets for the London Eye. When I said I had no problem for them to take my son to the hospital themselves but I wasn't going to ruin her big day out, she had been looking forward to this for ages, he declined. Later my son admitted he didn't want to go to the hospital because the wounds were self inflicted. Not much joy there then.

Part of their advice during this extremely fraught time was that I should not react to him, when he became volatile and abusive. So with all the patience and control I could muster, I didn't. This was then interpreted in the Section 7 Report as my being "unable to respond to him emotionally."

I have repeatedly requested an independent social worker's report as my complaint against these two vindictive misfits, whose qualifications I doubt ( Westminster Council have so far been unable to provide me with confirmation of their certificates or shown that they are indeed qualified UK Social Workers, in spite of frequent requests and more recently Freedom of Information Requests) has been escalated to a Stage Two complaint and is being investigated by the head of Children's Services for Oxfordshire. He too has expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the investigation has proceeded because they have not provided him with documents he has requested and failed to keep appointments for interviews he has set up.

All I want is a fair chance for someone to assess my situation and what my family needs so we can start rebuilding our life together. Westminster Council is footing my mother's legal bills and let's not forget she is at the centre of a murder investigation in Cape Town. What a delightful use of taxpayer's money? Where's Matthew Elliot on this one then? They have failed to look at the grim reality of the situation in Cape Town but have misrepresented the facts to the court and downright lied. One of the main reasons I agreed that the boy could go back was they promised that he would receive counseling. Well yes, he has, three times since January. This for a child who has broken his puppy's paw by stamping on it ( again conveniently omitted in the report, any contact with the vet in Cape Town) and pushed my very frail father last year so hard he fell and broke his shoulder. But let's not talk about that, shall we, because at least he is out of the jurisdiction and when this all goes horribly, terribly wrong, he won't be their problem. We'll just continue to lie to the Family Court Judge. And what happens if Mummy Dearest should drop dead tomorrow? Oh no, she's fine, as fit as a fiddle and radiating good health. Except she is in the hospital three times a week and her solicitors won't provide her medical reports. We have no other family in South Africa, what will happen to my children? I guess there's always the nanny and the gardener which is what I had as a kid growing up.

There's evidence that my mother who is 71, has had a recent heart operation, forgot my youngest child in school for FIVE HOURS and had something to do with the very suspicious and untimely death of my father in February, conveniently two days before he had decided to leave her. There's proof that she had finally managed to control his finances and some of the e mails between them are really heart breaking. Add to this, the mysterious fact that my sister Zarah Moores was conveniently available at very short notice to take my youngest daughter to Cape Town and my father died only four days after that then you can see why I suspect that she and my mother together conspired to murder him. Unlikely? South African Police don't think so.

He was ill. I told the Family Court that at a hearing at the end of January but Family Court judges with a couple of very notable exceptions are a law unto themselves. I've thought long and hard about whether I should blog about this and given that reporting and media restrictions have been lifted on most cases now, I feel I WANT the court to know the full picture, not the nicely sanitized version that barristers put before it. It isn't all cupcakes and sweetness, you know. I want other mothers who have similar experiences with Westminster and other councils to stand up for our rights, because Family Courts listen too often to depraved, corrupt and lazy Social Workers, who have far too much power and think someone like me is going to be an easy target.

You underestimated the Farah Factor, poppets. Take this to a judge, try and shut it down, at least he will have to read it and address the issues I raise on this forum. And there's some recent legislation you might want to check which enshrines my right to freedom of expression, privacy and family life. It's called the Human Rights Act

Today I spent hours of my day wasting YOUR money getting psychological tests done to try and determine the following:

1) Does he applicant show any signs of mental illness or borderline personality disorder?

2) Does the applicant have insight into how her children may be feeling and thinking about returning to live with he in the UK?

3) Is the applicant able to prioritize her children's needs above her own?

4) Will the applicant be able to cope with the demands of bringing up two children, one of which is a teenager?

5) Would you recommend any form of therapy or counseling or course to enable the applicant to better understand the needs of the children / cope with raising them on her own?

6)In your opinion , will the children likely suffer from any form of harm i returned to the care of the applicant?

7) Is the applicant likely to reoffend?

Andmore of the same tomorrow my lovelies, except tomorrow instead of endless booklets and HB lead pencils to fill in dots and tell stories with it's going to be

"So tell me about your childhood Ms Damji."