Thursday, 19 August 2010


Westminster City Council's attempt to have this website removed  was unsuccessful yesterday.

The matter came before  Her Honour Deputy District Judge Crowther who dealt with all the issues as to why it had come about in the first place and swiftly  ordered full medical reports on Mommy Dearest,  an assessement of her indebtedness and liabilities, the security of the family home in Cape Town, futher reports on the children, a further meeting with Westminster's Social Services. The solicitor from Creightons lied about this and claimed they had always been willing to meet with me but of course they had declined the meeting with me suggested by Women in Prison.

Most importantly, the Judge assigned an independent social worker to assess my current situation.

I volunteered to take down the posts about the children and the proceedings at least until the final hearing next month, without being  ordered to do so and because the blogs have achieved whatever they set out to accomplish was that this matter be brought back in front of a Judge and heard properly with full directions given.

It has't been easy, but it's done now and all that's left is to say thank you to the friends and the strangers  who've come forth publically and privately and offered help, support and love. Of course it isn't over yet but it's back on an even playing field.

What this has taught me, in the words of my favorite old Libertarian is that

 "People shouldn't fear the consequences of standing up to be counted when an issue moves them. They should be proud to do so."

And that is a good lesson to learn.

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