Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Two can play...

Back for the Final Hearing this morning in Family Court when a Judge gets to deide whether my children return to live in London. However, we have been given NONE of the additional evidence and so this matter is not ready to go to trial. How can a Judge decide when information he has ordered, to enable him to make the best possible decision for my children's future,  is not in front of him? I offered to take this blog down  when the matter came befor HHJ DJ Crowther because she ordered Westminster Social Services to provide a lot of additional evidence concerning my mother's psychological state, her medical records, her financial stability and an updated report on my children. She also ordered a new Section 7 Report by an Independent Social Worker and another meeting with Paul Anderson, the idiot, unqualified non-social worker from Westminster.

He tried to make this meeting impossible, by stating he would not go to the offices of Women in Prison, in Angel, he could only meet at his office on a certain day because he was busy , attending out of office apppointments for the rest of the day . Further enquiries confirmed he had no other appointments at all and finally he agreed to meet at 8 am, at my solicitors' offices. he was late, bored and very distracted. He refused to take notes, he said he was not going to provide a new report, in spite of having been ordered to do so by the court. The parenting counsellor who attended the meeting with me was quite shocked by how appalling his attitude was and noted, "he really didn't want to be there."
Another bogus "charity" Children and Family Across Borders previously known as International Social Services  have failed to provide an update on my children's health and general states of mind because, according to the social worker appointed to deal with my family's matter, a completely useless and inefficient individual, Marek gather, who has made very distressing comments bordering on paedophilia to my 13 year old son, it has been impossible to reach any one in South Africa because of the World Cup. Which ended months ago.

Westminster City Council were ordered to provide this additional evidence, it hasn't been forthcoming in spite of endless calls and letters from my legal team. I volunteered to take this blog down because I thought they would comply, they didn't, so this is back up again. wo can play and once again, the private has become public and very very personal.

Perhaps the most worrying in all of this, which is a PRIVATE Family matter is why Westminster are paying  not only their own legal fees to Creightons' to represent their Social Services in this matter, but also the exorbitant legal fees of second rate law firm Fisher  Meredith  , acting for my mother, who is 71, ill from recent heart operations and psychologically very damaged. My father refused to pay because he wanted the children to stay in London, with me. There is an ongoing investigation into how my father  died earlier this year and she has no money as his will is still tied up in probate pending the outcome of the South African Police's criminal investigation. She is unable to pay any of her bills and has recently borrowed money from my brother Salim Damji. Westminster have no standing in this matter, I went to them when my son was behaving erratically and kept on running away from home. I  asked for help which in hindsight was the worst thing I could have done, all they have tried to do is tear my family apart, firstly by coercing my mother into keeping the children and giving her no option as they threatened to start fostering proceedings and then by lying in various reports they were obliged to make.

Please take a minute and fill out a  Freedom  of Infiormation Request to Westminster Council asking  on what grounds taxpayers' money is being wasted o pay for a 71 year old, infirm  woman's legal bills when she  would not qualify for legal aid if she were living in the UK and has no standing in the law to try and take my children away.

My suggested wording ( copiled by a friend at the Guardian who does these routinely) is

Request Details:

(1) All correspondence (email or otherwise) relating to the decision(s) in or about January 2010  by Westminster Council's Social Services Department to fund and pursue in the Family Court, London, a Defence to the action Farah Dan v Zarin Damji, including but not limited to written documents relating
to the administrative and legal basis used the Council to justify the funding of the defence of this action on behalf of Zarin Damji.

(2) Details of all payments made by Westminster Council to Zarin Damji's legal representatives in this action, Fisher Meredith, from that date to present, and

(3) Details of any other payments made and/or owed by Westminster Council in connection with the above action from that date to present.

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