Friday, 13 August 2010

Claire Thorpe, Westminster City Council's lying solicitor

I  complained about Claire Thorpe, solicitor from  Creightons  to the Legal  Complaints Service Who conveniently "lost" my complaint but finally passed it onto the Solicitors'  Regulatory  Authority. But it's fine for solicitors to lie, as long as courts don't notice. We live in interesting times.


Private and Confidential

From: "Alex Sutherland" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 12:10:24 +0100 
By e-mail to:

2 August 2010

Dear Ms Damji

Professional Conduct
Report about Ms Thorpe

I refer to your correspondence with the Legal Complaints Service.  This matter has been referred to me for consideration.

As I understand it, Ms Thorpe acts for the local authority in respect of issues concerning your children.  You allege that Ms Thorpehas lied to the court in respect of the matter on several occasions.

I have now considered the correspondence and have decided to take no further action.  The file is now closed.  This may come as a disappointment to you and so I shall seek to explain the reasons for my decision.  
In order to pursue allegations that concern the integrity of a solicitor we require evidence to a high standard of proof to substantiate them.  It is clear from the information provided that Ms Thorpe has simply been acting on information provided to her by another member of the council team.  Ms Thorpe is not obliged to test the truthfulness of that information.  If you have concerns that the court has been misled, then you will need to raise those issues directly with the court.  Unless the court adversely criticises the conduct of Ms Thorpe and refers the matter to us, we will not take the matter further.
Although we are not taking any action, all the information we receive as a regulator is useful.  I enclose an information sheet which explains the work of the Conduct Investigation Unit. 


Yours sincerely

Alex Sutherland

Conduct Investigations Unit


Briefly, my complaint was to do with Ms Thorpe's lies and misrepresentations to the Court. I had been promised that   Farrah Nasir  would not be completing any court reports given the level of complaint that I had raised against her. This was brought up by my barrister the fragrant Liz Woodcraft  and Paul Anderson (second social worker)  leaned over from where he was sitting behind Ms Thorpe and said that Melanie Goode, who had given me those assurances was not authorised to, in fact she only worked in the complaints department as an admin clerk.  That is another lie, she is Farrah Nasir's manager's manager. They all work in the same department, there is no way that Paul Andersen could not have know this. In any event, this position tat she would not be working with my family or preparing any further reports was confirmed by Farrah herself in writing.

Basically, the SRA, which is the body that  is meant to regulate solicitors' actions and conduct agrees that Claire Thorpe has lied and misrepresented information to the court but that's fine because the court didn't realise. The social worker, Paul Andersen told me that funding was in place to place my youngest child with my mother's sister in February temporarily while my appeal went through and I was stuck in Holloway. In court, he lied and said no funding was available. Ms Thorpe should have checked before she made any such representations to the  court as she knew the case was contentious and everything that Westminster Social Services says is basically spun or a lie. Even the judge in the Family Court proceedings that dauy accused Westminster Social Services of "elegant blackmail"  when he had sight of a letter they tried to force me to sign, without legal representation or advice when these two self-serving lying social workers came to see me there, right after I was remanded.

This matter has been listed for a hearing on Wednesday August 18th at the Principal Registry in Holborn because it is supposedly causing my eldest child a great deal of distress and the Local Authority, who have no standing in these proceedings are seeking  directions. What they want is for me to be ordered to take this blog down. I'll tell you what is causing him more distress, is being in the same household as his grandmother who lets him play unregulated on the internet 24 / 7 who doesn't meet any of his emotional needs and who murdered his beloved grandfather. Why does a 13 year old child have four Facebook profiles? What level of supervision is he under? How is his therapy going and what of Darling Mother's medical reports? My solicitors have repeatedly requested this information from her solicitors (which you dear reader are paying for) but these requests have been ignored.

Needless to say I have escalated this complaint against the lying Ms Thorpe  to the Legal Services  Ombudsman because the  decision that it's all right for Family Court Practitioners to lie to the Court  as long as they are not found out makes about as much sense as a papier mache Trident Defence System. Let's pretend to be all scary when in fact it's harmless and toothless and ineffective. .  

It's not Simon Singh but I am a writer,  they couldn't  possibly have  expected me to take this sitting down.  This is what I do, when I feel something is being dealt with unfairly and maliciously. Nothing up here is untrue and I am a mother at the end of the day, I could never do anything to hurt my children. These allegations that the blog identified and causes distress to my boy is an inelegant attempt to try and stifle my freedom of speech and to say what is going on in these proceedings.  I wrote a book, the children are already  known in the public domain, this isn't an attempt to exploit them but a serious effort to expose what social workers and councils will do and to what lengths they will go to steal children from mothers. The state is committed to taking 25 000 children away from their natural mothers a year in order to prop up the  sick and twisted system we maintain. I'll fight to my last breath, scratching and clawing and writing. 

Think again if you think I'm going to let mine go, wit the ease with which  the seasons slip into each other.

I moved recently and I've sat and cried in my daughter's  new room when I look at the toys she bought with her scrimped and saved pocket money that she didn't even play with. They're still boxfresh.   She had to leave everything behind, yet again, including her favourite Cat in the Hat toy my father bought her and this raggedy white puppy toy she can't sleep without. I've held the silk of the Monsoon fairy dresses to my face  and breathed her into me so I can  hold onto a piece of her that remains with me, no matter how many miles or stupid, lying reports separate us. I look at old framed pictures of my beautiful bright boy from when he was ten years old, his gap-toothed smile and shining dark eyes, exactly like mine and I can't stop the tears for all the time we've lost and the heartache I have caused but which I want to mend now. 

Do you know what they said? These inexperienced social workers who have no kids and couldn't possibly know what this feels like?
"It's too late. You have no relationship with him any more."

I asked them for help, I might as well have signed my own death warrant and that of my two gorgeous  children.  This is about THEM, not my children. My complaint against them has gone to Stage 2 and I expect the outcome of that any day now. They are not interested in the truth at all. After I refused to meet Social Services, my Parenting Counsellor from  Women in Prison persuaded me to agree to a meeting with them. They refused to come and so now, the Court will have no knowledge of my situation, circumstances or  frame of mind, other than what I tell it.

So here it is. My words are all I have. 

Not enough people challenge the system, especially random and loose decisions made by Social Services. Of course this has forced this all into court now and back into the forum where it should have been examined properly in the first place in any event.