Tuesday, 25 September 2012

e mail response from Crowdfuelled

Received 25/9/12 09:51 hours

Hi Amanda and Farah,

Thanks for your email and questions about Crowd Fuelled Causes. This email explains the stage that our social enterprise is at and how we are preparing for the future. I am afraid we are not in a position to answer all 40 questions in detail. (Questions any decent social enterprise would have been able to answer in less than 30 minutes around constitution, charitable purpose, policies and safeguarding)

At the outset, I want to express our regret at how our proposals were communicated. Clearly, we did not articulate our plans as we would have liked, and we failed to explain our timing or vision. Some donors expected the launch of the Hope Boutique Bakery to be more immediate than our actual plans. We have decided to contact current donors and offer them the chance to have their donation fully refunded or, if they prefer, to be forwarded to a partner charity that we are seeking to identify.

Our initiative is still in the preparation stage. We plan to undertake training and work with charities on the ground, to understand how we can partner and learn from best practice. This will give us the knowledge and experience required to shape our idea to really help the women in the Bakery and those women visiting. Once we have undertaken this thorough preparation, and have found a supporting partner charity, we will look to open a pilot bakery fully integrated with this charity. This would provide the guidance, policy, safeguarding practice and professional infrastructure required by the self-funding vision of the Bakery. 

The Hope Boutique Bakery will provide a safe space for women to connect with professionals, charities and the community, as well as paid employment, training, and a platform to help redevelop their self-confidence and trust in others. This remains something we are committed to. But of course we regret the reaction to how our proposals were conveyed at this very early stage.

I hope this helps you both understand further.

Kind Regards,

Richard Wheatcroft