Saturday, 9 February 2013

Throw away the invisible dick yardstick

Deeply excited (?) about some training Kazuri is involved in delivering in early March.

Don't know about you but I get tired of operating  like an outsider in a man's world. Constantly having to prove I measure up against some invisible dick yardstick, being tougher, meaner, more dangerous.  I'm finding another way to be, in which I am met halfway and valued for what I contribute. Aggression, putting people down and violence are not part of the paradigm. I have learned this from amazing women around me, who live  by the principles of heart centred engagement and respecting their feminine side.

Women make up 51% of the world's population. We have  a softer voice, a lighter touch and a different way of approaching life, work, relationships. The weekend looks at building a feminine community and honouring the way  women work in a cooperative spirit with the benefit of the community as number one on the agenda.  We've put together some of the top trainers in the UK to start to build a community of resilient women. We're calling the weekend Invati, the Sanskrit word for strengthen.

Come and laugh, play, draw, act, sing and have fun along the way.

This is  a course for women on the front line, whether in business, delivering services or finding the entrepreneur inside.  See more HERE

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