Sunday, 3 March 2013


Yesterday was so rewarding.  Women from all walks of life,  looking to seed nurture and grow our women's resilience centre in Whitechapel.  Women with passion and hope who have come through adversity and want to build a community with women at the heart, something new, something evolutionary.

So the seed for a long cherished dream of mine is planted. Thanks to those along the path, some still around and some not who helped bring it here. And to the one who said to start in a small way in the building that we are in.  Ýou do make my dreams come true. Build it and they will come.  Sometimes I need to borrow your courage to know that I can. Then the heart takes the next step.

"Wind puts out a candle but it energises a fire," Nicholas Nassim Taleb on antifragile.

Day 2 today. I feel energised and restored.  It's a bit of an indulgence, I am around some of my favourite women and they are helping us to build something life changing,  rewarding,  essential.

Just remember one thing. Never take love  for granted.

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