Saturday, 9 March 2013

Punishment for profit pimping

Almost had my head turned, but it wasn't money  it was the striking earnestness of a couple of people, formerly in the state prison sector,   disillusioned by working in the punishment for profit pimping industry who wanted to redeem themselves by doing something positive  and not driven by money for a change. Head firmly ratcheted back on, some common sense talk from those closest and I see it was  a narrow escape. Here, Michael Turner QC, assesses the value and efficiency of G4S' front of house court contract. Pure profit. These companies have  a legal obligation to deliver maximum profits to the shareholder, which is fine, but  not when it comes to the most vulnerable and already disenfranchised.

One of the people I was so impressed with (ex area manager, public prison sector) who now works for G4S passed  MY private e mail from G4S servers to someone entirely unrelated. See you in court Jerry Petherick,  offender management business streams, managing director, G4S. You can take the screw out of the prison but you can't take away the mentality of greed, punishment  overbearing righteousness and a sociopath's tendency to want to create  trouble and chaos.  This bunch of goons and thugs is who the Secretary of State for Justice wants small social enterprises, reformed offenders and the third sector to go into partnerships with  to deliver services? I'd rather sit on my hands and watch them implode, then light a bonfire to the vanity and arrogance that exists in these psychopathic corporations, too big to fail, too big to jail. Says who?
Jerry Petherick, managing director G4S

Here is your complaint,  again, Mr Buckles. I expect a response.

Every time you scratch beneath the surface you find that the Governments cry of saving the tax payer money is false. G4S retains the contract for front of house court security. It has the contract for 60 months. Which is worth £175 million. It pays its employees £6.45 per hour, it receives on the other hand £11.49 per hour, per employee from the Court Service. That is a daily profit of £40.32 per employee. Its web site tells me it has 800 employees within the court service. The gross profit to G4 S over the life of that contract is a staggering £41,932,800. Can anyone sensibly argue that represents a saving to the taxpayer. Of course not. That figure itself is small beer for G4S who receive annually £759 million in respect of its contracts with Government. Watch closely to see how many civil servants and government ministers find themselves sitting on the board of G4S in retirement.
If money is not this Governments motivation, what is it that is causing them to devastate one of the best legal systems in the world. One that they are proud to promote abroad but destroy at home. To answer that question you must look at the other pieces of legislation and regulation that accompany the cuts introduced by this Government and the last.

And ministers are actually, for once making the right noises about not replicating the failing Work Program and handing over contracts lock stock and barrel to companies who have no idea how to deliver services, to the hardest to reach and most fragile. There is an appetite for a new model,  avoiding unhealthy alliances with the prime providers, maybe something built on the historical  successes of Community Land Trusts and more recently social enterprises, which an be the driver of efficiency and still maintain ethics and integrity.  Serco has been caught fiddling the figures and still delivers a massive 27% profit. But at whose expense?

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