Thursday, 2 May 2013

Carers or Captors? A report to the Home Affairs Select Committee on women asylum seekers and housing

Email to Stephen Small managing director,  G4S (UK) Care and Justice Services Ltd and Mrs Loraine Buckles,  wife of CEO Nick Buckles.

Via e mail

Dear Mr Small

I am inviting you to the launch of Kazuri's report on housing and asylum and particularly G4S contract with the UKBA. This will be held in parliament. I invite you in the interests of fairness because you are directly responsible for the UKBA /COMPASS contract and because G4S should be able to explain their position with regards to how they treat vulnerable asylum seeking women, in frankly appalling housing conditions.  We do hope that either you will attend or you will send a representative.  This is a save the date, a formal invitation will go out next week.

The home office is considering  sending a representative. We expect members of the Home Affairs  Committee to attend as they are hearing evidence that day.  I'm afraid you can't have sight of the report until the event. Once it is with the committee it is no longer ours to disseminate.

Mrs Buckles I do hope you will attend. Sometimes women have to stand up and stop it when our husbands, brothers, sons or lovers are perpetrating abuse, violence and trauma on other more vulnerable women. This is what G4S is doing, in its Compass housing contract and I'd like you to see it for yourself. There will be women present whose experiences are  cited as case studies. They  will give powerful testimony  about the abuse G4S has perpetrated on them and their families including harassment,  sexual abuse and neglect.

Kind regards

Farah Damji

Final draft invitation 02052013

Jeremy Corbyn MP

invites you to a parliamentary event to mark the publication of Kazuri’s report to the Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry on asylum


“Captors or Carers?”

By Flo Krause, Nanki Chawla and Farah Damji 

Chaired by Imran Khan, human rights solicitor


Jeremy Corbyn MP

Sarah Teather MP

Julian Huppert MP

Geoffrey Robinson MP


Tuesday, 4th June 2013
House of Commons, between 1700 hrs and 1900 


The Panel discussion will centre on the conflicted role of housing providers in the private sector, for vulnerable women seeking asylum under the COMPASS contract, their pastoral care and the need for a gendered approach.  This report calls for a shift in policy and transparency in the tender process, procurement, design and delivery of all public services contracted out to the private sector from Government departments or their agencies.



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