Friday, 24 May 2013

Why can't we live together.

Heard this after a very long time. The words got to me, especially in light of recent events in my personal life and in the streets of London in the name of false gods. Who said the personal  shouldn't be political? But it  so very is.

My life is   utterly weird. One day this week, I spent half the afternoon in Nancy Astor's old house being debriefed  (not literally) by the former head of procurement for the Ministry of Defense. Fascinating  irritating but brilliant man. One so steeped in establishment dogma yet able to think outside of the tick box.  This was followed by a talk by the COO of MOPAC. Helen Bailey is  what action man would  like if he was a woman, all sharp suits and agile, refracting  mind, I have a lot of respect for what Boris is achieving and her personal commitment. I liked her even more because she couldn't answer my question about whether police training around rape victims and in general was gender sensitive, so she said she would take it away and find out. But to say stop and search is still a legitimate tool in the prevention of crime is a bit dinosaur.

I feel  sorry for the G4S folk I see on the criminal justice circuit, the  Billy no mates,  desperately trying to make alliances because they are going to need bid candy for the large scale public sector contracts coming up such as the decimation sorry, privatization of probation . This won't help. Neither will a law suit against G4S, around violating and distributing confidential e mails and unpaid bills to third sector providers about which  I can't say much  at present, but will be public very soon.

We heard a few months ago about how G4S had been given the contract to run the SARC  (sexual assault referral centres) centres in the midlands. Again, women suffer because men want to profit  from our pain and this is another way the patriarchy sticks two fingers and engorged cock at everything that has been gained in training, a gendered lens and the expansion of understanding around women, trauma and violence. WHY have this bunch of thugs been given the contract? It's not alright to write fantastic bids and then not deliver services to the most fragile women in  society. It;s fraud, if it was me, I would be writing to you from HMP Holloway. Well I wouldn't but you know what I mean.

Look, do me a favor  if you hate me, like me, fan me, want to kill me, if I have ever entertained or horrified you, please consider signing this. I am getting quite ranty and community action in my old age. Baroness Damage of Whitechapel? I fear not. But it feels so freeing to operate from a place where money, power and fear are not the drivers.

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