Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I fight like a girl

Very strange day. 

Really felt the visceral hatred some women harbour for others. Women who hold power overt other women become masculinized. They lose their vulnerability and those core experiences and emotions that bind us to our humanity.

The nervous laughter, the furtive looks passing between each other to confirm their superiority, the empty space that lurks around them as they suck up air, death stars of gloom.

You know who you are. You can punch the air, send me stupid letters, send me anonymous texts, try and smash fragile plans on the boulders of your psychosis but I'll always win. Because the fight is not mine.

It is when you experience another woman's suffering as your own, when you eat her pain and drink her tears that injustice becomes more than a word.  You run your "correctional" department with the chutzpah of Hitler, the all seeing, marshmallow dumpling, fraying greying vengeful deity. You think you instil fear.  I pity you. You have no power, you're just another blunt tool in the patriarchy's trauma tool box, compartmentalised and sociopathic in your desire to punish.  You have no power. You are a bundle of fear.

I want nothing from you but to be wearing the boot that kicks in your face and the shower of rose petals falling to cover your wound and  make you whole again.

I fight like a girl.

Where did the justice go and when did we start to let hurt people hurt people?

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