Saturday, 5 October 2013

Happy Families!

Have you ever seen two people who look more like they wished they were anywhere but here.

Meet Lee Hanford, a director of G4S Care and Justice Solutions Ltd UK and long suffering cuckolded second wife.

How we play in our private lives, to the chagrin of many political and business leaders, is a reflection of how we behave in our public lives.

Lee is a lyin' cheatin' SOB. All promises and fast talk but the courage and backbone of a jellyfish or the main character from "Something Happened. "

Anyone thinking of going into Transforming Rehabilitation supply chains with G4S managed by Lee, beware unpaid invoices, a lot of fast talk and rhetorical rubbish about "do good things, make history."

History consigns bullshitters to the scrap heap of insignificance.  RIP.

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