Monday, 11 March 2013

Archangels and asteroids

Archangels and asteroids land in my life with alarming regularity and sometimes disguised as the same person.

I promised myself when my father died 3 years ago that in memory of his legacy,  which was darkness and light and extreme brutality and deep compassion that I would Do Good Things. So this archangel/asteroid brings a book on pop philosophy to lunch and I  think "what the fuck?"

It falls open on the page of the golden rule. Archangel with eyes the colour of a palest blue sunrise stands over me at the table (he's 6'3" in bare feet) and announces like God from the top  of the mountain,
"Another person's unhappiness will never be the pathway to your happiness,  Farah."

Oh yeh. Forgot that bit. And when did I ever care what a jumped up prison screw and a bwanker thought of me anyway.  Bad smells stay in the room till you open the windows and let some fresh air in.

Passing asteroids, please land (x) here.