Tuesday, 28 May 2013

G4S not in my name

This from a woman who has just been granted leave to remain.  It may not necessarily seem like a big deal, I don't really like my living room curtains either. But when we consider she was moved hurriedly last week because G4S had not paid the landlord rent and she was about to be evicted through no fault of her own, when we consider she has a young baby and when we take into account that she has been raped and sexually assaulted, this is not acceptable.
Not in my name and not with my money G4S.

"it's regarding the curtain in my living room not shutting when you try to close it and I have reported this to G4S and cascade none of them are doing anything about it, on Sunday the 25 may some man was peeping through the windows because you could see one from outside and that really terrified me and scared and also I do not want to be burgled while me and my son are asleep because inside the living room is being exposed…. I am scared of coming to the living room at night to watch TV or have my dinner, please could you help me speak or email G4S about this I have done so with Sharon and spoken to Alison from G4S last week none of them is taking me serious …..I can not be living in fear in my own space and I am on strong antidepressants tablets, at the moment all this is making me jumpy, agitated and worked up. At least at night time one has to shut your curtains but I can not do that since I moved in on the 16 May and I have reported this to both G4S and cascade none of them is taking me serious at all,"


Surely would it not be more reasonable for G4S/Cascade to simply believe their refugee tenant and replace the curtains in the living room? Any further inspection or visit to replace the curtains should be arranged in advance with Ms XXXX to avoid any further invasions of her privacy.

For more information about Kazuri's report to the Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry on asylum please contact me through info@kazuri.org.uk