Thursday, 28 November 2013

Best Foot Forward...a winter's tale.

So Tuesday night,  off we trot with some friends to Anton Chernikov's fantastic event "How to be a social entrepreneur," organised by the very brilliant Michael Norton you know, Buzzbnk, CIVA all that good stuff. You must get there for their fascinating series of talks

Michael has an idea based on the talents in the bible: he wants to give us £20 and for us to return £30 having made a profit in a social enterprise in 6 weeks.

We have to team up with people we don't know in real life. Way outside my comfort zone, then.

I "win" Ben Ramsden the genius behind ethical underwearness company Pants to Poverty, the original pantrepreneur who says "we're Facebook friends. That doesn't count,"


Our *brilliant* idea is BFF or Best Foot Forward. With Michael's generous start up cash (repayable, Ts and Cs apply but we've signed up, anyway,) we're going to buy £20 of eco friendly cleaning products to shine your shoes. You know how *great* you feel when you step out in a new pair of shoes? That's the feeling we want to recreate for you, and in the process we want to rebuild fragmented social bonds and get excluded people involved, too.

Vulnerable women we work with, homeless women, young kids outside of mainstream education,  those who have been excluded from  society, will get paid to shine your shoes before that Christmas party, the all important board meeting, a really hot date so you can put your Best Foot Forward.  They also get a social enterprise in a box, to start their own enterprise empires.

It's by donation (minimum £5) and we're looking for a minimum of 5 pairs of shoes to buff up in a location  so if you and your colleagues fancy a special treat to put a spring in your step, Facebook us, call us, Tweet at us and watch this space as this becomes a million shoe march towards empowerment and shiny shoes!


Above are 2 pairs of shoes.
Can you guess. ..