Friday, 26 December 2014

Amazing Grace

It's been a year of ups and downs, highs and depths.
Above all it's been a year of holding my mettle and not losing my nerve.
The usual cocktail party of Death Stars and Voldemortes doing the Dracula rounds but more than that. A real test of what matters and what to discard.

Some friends have been anchors and guiding stars,  constant and leading in the right direction.  Others brought havoc into my life and people I would never have chosen to be around. The words "due diligence" took on extra dimensions.

Encounters I thought would be fleeting became life changing,  ones I thought would be significant turned to nothing, like chasing the  tail of a shooting star.

What's become evidently clear is the heap of love, courage, wings, support and compassion delivered daily to my door and the invincible knowledge and belief that plans are unfolding and right does prevail, justice can triumph corruption and unholy alliances,   that truth, like a plant growing towards sunlight, like creativity, is unstoppable.

It's been a year of shedding people and things that don't matter so that things and people who do can take pride of place.

To the friends who stuck by, through sick and sin, thick and think, my gratitude and my love.

To those who choose negativity and try to cut down people,  use and take advantage,  undermine so you can feel better about your own pathetic life, I wish you sunlight because it is the best disinfectant.