Sunday, 3 April 2016

St Mandi of Hove, Patron Saint of lost causes and left luggage

Stupidly, I got involved with a married man. I did ask, dear Reader whether he was married and he assured me he wasn't. He used to take off his wedding band when he came up to see me,  only he's  not great at lying and left it on when he sent me a selfie from the local  Specs R Us trying on some new frames.

He left her - he said his marriage was on the rocks for years. He provided for the ex and the daughter now 13, who he never sees anymore because his bitch of an ex wife has poisoned her, all their friends and even threatened to go and tell my BF's 84 year old mother about my "past" if he didn't  break up with me. He didn't. At the time it made us stronger.

She, we'll  call her St Mandi of Hove, the patron saint of lost causes, left luggage and endless pity potty, embarked on a campaign  against me including going to the police and making a false allegation that I was harassing her. I was arrested and only released because my blood pressure went soaring and the bastard custody sargeant didn't  want  a death in custody  investigation.

This drama  went on for months, my then solicitors, Janes, asked the police to look at the unending stream of emails and texts from her to her estranged ex which clearly constitute harassment and stalking - of me, through him.

The officer in the case a rookie called Gemma Clarke at Brighton police thought  she was onto something. A big fish. A criminal mastermind perhaps and the case went from the magistrate's court to Hove Crown Court. The sensible judge at Hove Crown Court threw it out, when the CPS asked for a second go in the magistrate's court, realising they would never get a jury to believe the ranting diatribes of a scorned woman. The CPS asked if it could go back to the magistrates, the judge declined, they'd had their bite of the cherry. You'd think she'd  stop?

She stalked me for months, getting  her friends to friend  me on Faceache , connect on LinkedIn and  follow  me on Twitter, she reads every  word I write and tranfers it so she thinks it's  about her. She was unwanted at birth and given up for adoption. Adopted  women are easy prey to vultures and cannibals. More about that later.

I watched my partner  get depressed, worried for his daughter, unable to communicate. I watched her ex's lawyers, Mischon de Reya egg  her on with this false harassment allegation and churn fees.  Her solicitor Kate Clark became a witness for the deranged  ex St Mandi, of the Open Wound. Her brother, Robin Paine who used to be quite senior at the London Metal Exchange also became a witness to "harassment" against his sister by me although I have never once corresponded with him, in any way, except to tell him to leave us alone when he joined his adopted sister in her campaign and lies.

My partner  became  angrier and his rage had one outlet - me. St Mandi is so excellent at playing the victim, she left him guilt ridden and disabled. More than anything he wanted access to their daughter and has tried a stream of therapists for family therapy but Mummy Dearest is too busy or blames me  for yet another imaginary infraction. 

She got a  colleague at BHASVIC where she works to support her malicious allegation.

This mess caused untold stress in my life when I had already been told by my GP that I was in stroke zone area with my high blood pressure. I didn't  want to go on life long medication, so I had a choice - cut out the stress or have a stroke or a heart attack.

You see, people must think I'm weak or Mrs Milktoast because of convictions dating to 2005 and 2008 (blogs passim). They think I'm an easy target because I'll bow down and take whatever punishment you think I deserve. You're so wrong.

Injustice makes me physically ill. I spend most of my life fighting other people's  battles  which is how this started with St Mandi the Dispossessed of Hove. What on earth do you think I'll do to you if you bring something that feels unfair to me? Lie down and play obedient? No,  I'll stirr a storm and whip up a whirlwind and you'll reap the reward of your lies.

I thought the narcissistic nightmare had ended. One house was sold,the ex could buy  her own place having  extracted more than half of the £1.2m selling price. I thought she'd  moved on. 

On Friday, my BF had sent  me a copy of a letter I needed only it hadn't reached me, and he had to go out to meet someone. I was looking  for the letter to send to myself on his laptop and suddenly found an endless  trail of emails from his ex who had just cleared  a cool half a mil,  half his pension ( quite a lot I imagine  after 30 years working in investment  banking ) and was about to cash in on the sale of another property they owned together. She suffered post natal depression  and "couldnt work " so she holds down an exam invigilator post at BHASVIC. She made sure she cleaned  him out though. 

Only she is on no rush to sell the other property now, because  I'm such a bad person and she feels he endorses  my bad actions towards her. The only problem with that is that I  haven't  spoken to her or had any contact at all for well over a year. I barely  think about her. She doesn't  exist in my world.

She claims the police are watching and monitoring all my "abuse" and advised  her to change all her numbers and contact details, which I don't really care about but which makes it impossible for the ex to contact his elusive child.

The police in Brighton deny this and the Officer in the Case who brought this false allegation is being investigated, so I very much doubt that she, Gemma Hawkes is going to want to get into more trouble. Professional Standards are so far up her ass, she has to ask them before she can take a shit.

I saw emails from St Mandi that confirm child abuse and neglect - the ex claims she has no money for food because he had not paid maintenance for his daughter on exactly  the first of the month. 

She claimed darling little  Emily couldn't  go to town with her friends because there was no money for her to have lunch and go to a movie with friends. 

What kind of deranged, sad, unfit mother says or even writes these things? This is all current. She's  too busy working to sort out the last vestiges of their  life together but there's no money for sandwiches. Last time I looked a meal deal was about  £3? She doesn't  have £3 when she siphoned off £5k  a month in both January and December from their joint bank account?  What is she doing, supporting a cocaine habit?

The emails go on to say that she will tell their daughter that the reason for their financial woes is that dad's not paying his maintenance. What kind of household does she run that she can't afford the basics for her only child?

While she was in the throes of her post separation drama she threatened to kill herself and she crashed her car deliberately into a wall. She sent morose suicidal texts about " what will happen to Em?" 

She tried to stop access to her child in the Family Court because of  "my past" to her child by me...except I don't  care if I never  see her and wrote to CAFCAS and the Judge explaining that. That little ploy didn't work then. Her father still hasn't  seen her, access to a counsellor hasn't happened, St Mandi thinks she can play the courts and the system because of her hatred and rage towards me.

I have written to BHASVIC and the Governors there to ask what is being done to safeguard the 2 500 children, who are vulnerable  because of their, age against this mentalist. She needs help and to sort her life out, not to be around children because she's shown what lengths she'll go to,  when she feels scorned or unheard. This is not a safe person for children to be around.

I have also written to BHASVIC and asked them why they allowed  another member of staff to get involved in a malicious campaign of a woman  scorned. I'm sure parents will want to know that processes are fair and tolerant  and witch hunts aren't  condoned. 

I fully expect asswipe ambulance chasers like Mishcon de Reya and Kate Clark her solicitor to behave this way. I've come to expect most of the policeforce are corrupt or stupid or personally want to make a name for themselves when it comes  to me.  I expect  a little more  propriety  when it  comes to a sixth form college.

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