Thursday, 17 May 2018

Surviving Justice

So what happened?

 I am not allowed to tell you about the trials or refer to any of the participants directly, impliedly (sic - Judge Speak)  or any way,  for fear of breaching a restraining order  (soon to go before a proper judge, in an unbiased court for variation) , save to say that both appeals on three convictions are going through the Court of Appeal.

Friends  have set up an amazing crowd funding page to help fund the services of a brilliant  a woman QC who can look at the issues of disclosure failings failings, awful representation by Tuckers Solicitors and 3TG.  I would not recommend either of these scum-sucking bottom feeding legal leeches to my worse enemy. This goes live on Wednesday 30 May 2018. I hope you will help!

Bias by the judge and misdirection and also failing to obtain evidence through the proper channels, or even to check the authenticity of texts and emails when provenance was always an issue    form grounds of appeal that went into the  Single Judge in February. Following an investigation onto the investigation, the Metropolitan Police DPS admit that no investigation was ever done into the  authenticity or provenance of texts meant to form a campaign of harassment to 'impugn the character' of 2 men (sic). I am going to publish the restraining order, it is a gas. Completely unlawful and shows what happens when Crown Court judges get away with themselves a little.

I have been incredibly  supported by Sam Yazigi of Waterfords Solicitors and Rob Ward of 15NBS, both legal superheroes. Both have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the interests of justice.

I'm fine, a bit shellshocked but incredibly grateful for the love and the support from everyone, especially unexpected quarters. This  experience has made me unafraid. There is so much dysfunction and maladministration which is being allowed because people don't want to face it, it makes you angry.

The Court of Appeal caseworker sending Waterfords blank bundles on a Friday afternoon for a listing  on the following Tuesday, the Registrar refusing to fund counsel for me to be represented for an application to nullify, very complicated and legally challenging,  I asked for 28 days to find representation because we had been too busy responding to Tuckers' R notice about their failure to obtain forensic specialist evidence and special counsel. I was up for three nights in a row, having just been released from prison to deal with this, was seeing counsel who said they could help and trying to deal with getting my life back ion track, physically and mentally. I asked for a 28 day adjournment, refused. I asked for the decision to go before the Full Court, refused, the Full Court felt able to deal with it.  The CCRC asked for more time to present a response, until 28 May 2018 so the Full Court ought to have adjourned matters, again it refused.

This is not justice, the Registrar has just woken  to the fact that he has sat on this case since July 17, I have served my prison sentence and this may not look too good if the law abiding, tax paying public who pay this vermin's £150k a year salary knew how the Registrar's office operates and how mismanaged and dysfunctional it is. And I am supposed to calm down dear and not complain.  Just put up with it. I asked to abandon or withdraw the matter until I am properly represented, a huge amount of information has come in from California from the Supreme Courts and  another victim and I just have not had the time or the ability to deal with it.

Never mind that the Crown and the 3 judges have legal training and years of experience, I am meant to rock up and do what exactly? There was a hearing on 15 May 2018 before the Full Court, where I was not represented so I didn't go. All of this, every attempt to stifle or disregard proper processes, helps me to extract justice in the end. I don't want some bigoted , white, male senseless caseworker on this, he has been unhelpful since this mess first went to the CoA in 2015. I want a caseworker who understands how predatory men engaging in stalking by proxy behave and abuse courts and systems, and how good they are at it and how the courts are being used to harass and silence women who dare to stand up.

This is all about #MeToo and #TimesUp, don't fool yourself, the criminal justice system is the last bastion of male supremacy where a woman's agency and personhood can be decimated, with the sanction of judges, who all too often condone or participate.

All systems change. Here are my choices, I can get angry and self destruct or I can help create positive change and make lemonade from some particularly vinegary lemon crops. I know what I am doing.

Waiting for the  judgement from the hearing yesterday at which the CPS rocked up, very unusual in the   Court of Appeal , and I didn't and neither did my representatives.  To date neither I or Waterfords have been informed of a decision, so this can be unpicked and dealt with properly.

Please support the CrowdJustice  campaign - I need your help to raise the profile of my cahse and highlight the injustices I have suffered. Make it count.

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