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Steve's F

Who am I?

This account is currently run by friends and supporters of Farah

Farah Damji

Wrote a book, go and read it. Then move on. I have. 

"The aphorist Christopher Spranger wrote: “The author who possesses not only ideas of his own but eloquence with which to clothe and adorn them cannot avoid cutting an impudent figure in this world.” Spranger might have been describing Farah Damji when he wrote those words. For she is such an author, creative, eloquent, and most definitely impudent. And it’s the impudence that makes her memoir Try Me so delightful to read....And oh! What life she led. The kind of life only a very few women have lived. Women like Cleopatra of Egypt, the Queen of Sheba, Theodora, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. Women who had style, imagination, elan and a lust for life." - Randall Radic, ex-con, ex-priest

 Currently setting up a housing scheme regenerating lives and community,  in the derelict wasteland of our inner cities and the urban soul  

Producing sustainable outcomes, repulsed by the tick-box culture that exists within NOMS / current so-called Works Programs. 

Kicking down doors when people don't play nicely but learning that softly softly might be another way to engage/ enrage some of these old hard hearted ones within the current culture. 

Ex: Art Dealer, designer, writer, reformed journalist, magazine editor. Went to prison in 2005 for lying,  cheating and stealing.  I have no delusion about who I am.  Neither should you have the audacity to make an assumption. 

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