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Farah Damji

About ME by ME (with some help from Claire and Jerry Hayes, barrister)

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Wrote a book, go and read it. Then move on. I have.

It's called Try Me, available on Amazon.

                                                      You can download my CV HERE

And some background information on my contributions to social justice  HERE (to follow)

"The aphorist Christopher Spranger wrote: “The author who possesses not only ideas of his own but eloquence with which to clothe and adorn them cannot avoid cutting an impudent figure in this world.” Spranger might have been describing Farah Damji when he wrote those words. For she is such an author, creative, eloquent, and most definitely impudent. And it’s the impudence that makes her memoir Try Me so delightful to read....And oh! What life she led. The kind of life only a very few women have lived. Women like Cleopatra of Egypt, the Queen of Sheba, Theodora, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. Women who had style, imagination, elan and a lust for life."
                                                                                 - Randall Radic, ex-con, ex-priest

That's the pretty version. I have had quite a journey, about which I am unapologetic but repentant. I have made mistakes and I have tried to learn from them, people who know me, really know me, say that I am humble, approachable and have retained some dignity. 

I care about the rights of women and justice. These are the passions that drive me, injustice makes me inflammatory - senior probation directors posting images of their freshly picked home grown asparagus makes me apoplectic. While Rome is burning, let's not pick asparagus. 

I don't believe the change will come from within the system, I believe the system is broken and run by genuinely inefficient and malicious people, like Michael Spurr CEO and Luke Sarjeant the director of HMPPS' women's prisons. There is no motivation to change, only to continue to punish, and retain the status quo within prisons. 
It's a system propped up by ill will and stagnation. 

I do, however believe Naomi Wolf is right / write when she states that house of the master will only be dismantled by the tools of the master (that is a misquote). Education, solidarity, campaigning, stepping up for our rights and demanding that justice is served will drag England's archaic justice and penal systems into the 21st Century. We are living in a revolution when every bastion of male dominance and superiority has been dragged to the ground, and yet it is rampant and rife in the courts, in prisons and above all in the judiciary, unelected, unaccountable.

 The last remaining institutions to face the wrath and the rigor of  #MeToo and #TimesUp are the whiteface, male and morally destitute judges and the viciously flawed criminal system that they prop up.

The times they are a changing, sister.

 Currently: writing, painting, building, setting up a housing scheme regenerating lives and community,  in the derelict wasteland of our inner cities and the urban soul  

Formerly: Art Dealer, designer, writer, reformed journalist, magazine editor. Went to prison in 2005 for lying,  cheating and stealing.  I have no delusion about who I am.  Neither should you have the audacity to make any assumption.

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